Holidays are Food for your Soul

Holidays are Food for your Soul

This year so far has been one for the history books. Since the novel pandemic COVID-19 hit our shores, we have all been trying to adhere to the safety regulations and adjust to the new normal. Having to come to terms with the impact that this virus has had here at home as well as in other countries has taken its toll on many of us. For many of us, we spend our days going out to see our loved ones, going to eat at our favourite restaurants or leaving for a great holiday to clear our minds. Not being able to do any of these has definitely taken its toll on us.

As we enter into the warmer season, hopefully, the tourism regulations will start to ease up and allow for intra-provincial travel (and maybe even inter-provincial travel if we are lucky). That would mean we can look forward to taking staycations! Yes, STAYCATION!

noun · informal
A holiday that someone spends in their own country or at home, rather than travelling somewhere else.

A staycation is just the thing that we can use for some self-care for the mind, body and soul. Here are are a few points to remind you why holidaying, or staycationing, is good for you:


Taking the time to go away on holiday is a great way to give your mind a time out that can not only enrich the mind but also help you deal with feels related to anxiety, stress and other mental health concerns. If you have been feeling uninspired of late, a holiday might just be the remedy you need to inject some creativity and increase your overall productivity; increasing your overall mental power.



Stress can contribute to conditions such as heart disease and high blood pressure. A holiday, even a mini staycation, can help reduce stress and the effects it may have on your body. A holiday where you can go on a lovely hike or do some soothing yoga in the peaceful and scenic outdoors is the perfect way to boost your immunity and energy, while you appreciate all that nature offers. Not only do you release feel-good chemicals like serotonin after an exercise session that lessen the amount of stress in your body, and you also get some much-needed vitamin D from the sun, which is essential for optimal healthBONUS! 



Holidaying is truly a gift that keeps on giving. From the fun excitement that comes from planning the trip; to the anticipation en-route to the destination; then the blissful relaxation that comes from being at your favourite home-away-from-home and the almost hypnotic calmness you can feel days after the holiday has ended. That long-lasting feel-good-feeling is undeniably some wholesome food for the soul.


Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” –Eleanor Brown

With everything going on, it’s important to take care of YOU. We know that you cannot wait to satisfy your travel cravings and feed your wanderlust soul to nourish your mind, body and spirit. Hopefully, you will be able to treat yourself to a lovely staycation that you will thank yourself for. In the meantime, use your imagination and start planning for your staycation and all the holiday gems you can explore right around the corner. Fingers crossed!

We look forward to welcoming you and your loved ones for a great holiday experience once leisure travel is permitted. You can still book your stay for Business Travel. For bookings and other enquiries, please be in touch on or on +27 (0) 14 001 7011.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that Government Regulations surrounding the South African lockdown and COVID-19 are continuously being amended and updated. As such, we remain committed to providing you with relevant communications which are accurate and reflect the latest updates at the time of publishing. These regulations are subject to change and may need to be reviewed on occasion. We thank you for your understanding.