Self-catering accommodation in the time of COVID-19

The weather is getting warmer, and the urge to take some time off is becoming difficult to ignore. It’s a loud call that demands you to escape from the everyday routine for a few days and unwind. With everything that has happened in this year so far, we agree that a getaway is necessary! We,

Heritage Day

What first comes to mind when you think about our unique attributes as a country? Our rich cultural heritage! The melting pot of cultures has birthed amazing food, art and music which we still enjoy today. We cannot deny that South Africa has a distinctive flavour that can only be found in this beautiful country.

Inter-provincial leisure travel

The news that we have been eagerly anticipating has finally arrived. We have been given the green-light to open our doors to welcome inter-provincial leisure travellers and we couldn’t be happier! On Saturday, 15 August, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the country will be moving from lockdown level 3, to level 2 as of Tuesday,

Holidays are Food for your Soul

This year so far has been one for the history books. Since the novel pandemic COVID-19 hit our shores, we have all been trying to adhere to the safety regulations and adjust to the new normal. Having to come to terms with the impact that this virus has had here at home as well as

Mabalingwe is open for BUSINESS travel

On Friday, 17 June 2020, we officially opened our gates to welcome business travellers to our Resort. We may not be permitted to open for leisure at the moment, but guests who are travelling for business can look forward to resting easy after a long day of work. You can rest and rejuvenate at our