Back in the day the SeTswana words “mabala a nkwe” were melded and reshaped to form the name Mabalingwe. True to the character of the resort, the words used to name it have a special meaning… “Spots of the leopard”. And scattered all around the reserve, just like the spots of the leopard, you are bound to encounter all manner of things uniquely Mabalingwe and wonderfully NATURE, FAMILY and FUN!

Mabalingwe is all about getting back to nature – the spectacular 12 500 hectare landscape allows you to lose yourself in an authentic South African bushveld with abundant birdlife, stunning indigenous trees and shrubs and a wide variety of wildlife. Our passion for providing a holiday destination that has family at its heart means we care about providing the perfect space for shared quality experiences and celebrating family while having fun.


“We stayed for a weekend and had an amazing experience. The unit was immaculate, the service was amazing, the guided walk was educational, the restaurant food was delicious, the bar service and drinks were great and the Reserve itself was beautiful as always. Very highly recommend a visit to Mabalingwe!”
Silumko Ernest Ramalata – March 2023
“We have been to Mabalingwe often before, but have never seen the veld so lush and the animals in such excellent condition as during this trip. There were many baby animals grazing with their parents. The banded mongoose groups were, especially, a real joy to watch, as the crèche learned to forage and enjoy life! Such a pity we could only stay for a midweek break.”
MarietjieVisser – February 2023

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It's all about NATURE, FAMILY and FUN!