We’ve all heard of the term “digital detox” at some point or another, but why should you be doing it? What effect could it possibly have on you and your family to kick the tech while vacationing at Mabalingwe? And, how can you effectively implement a digital detox with your internet-hungry kids? Benefits to ditching

Gourmet Boerewors Rolls Made Easy

With a braai, there is nothing more mouthwatering than an authentic South African Boerewors Roll. Whether your choice of sauce is tomato, mustard or both; they are popular in most of our families, on a Friday for the kids or on a Saturday with the rugby. Here we have taken the tomato and onion relish

7 Benefits of having a Wedding in the Bush

Why a bush wedding? Some people would say no to a bush wedding, because of the fear of getting dirty, the possibility of ruining the wedding dress, or suit and just the overall novelty of a bush wedding; but it is actually beneficial and super to have a wedding in and around the splendor of


Mabalingwe has had the absolute pleasure of establishing its own Guide Department in 2017 and wow, what a great bunch of passionate, energetic and knowledgeable fellows make up this team. Allow us to introduce you to the awesome “super guides” also known as #PowerRangers – Anthony, Hein and Frans. MEET OUR AWESOME POwer RANGERS Frans

Get your Mabalingwe Checklist Ready!

Making the most of your Mabalingwe visit! One of the most exciting parts of visiting a resort is finding out all the exciting activities you can do there that will make your trip that extra bit more memorable. If Mabalingwe is one of your travel destinations for the year, then this checklist is going to