7 Benefits of having a Wedding in the Bush

7 Benefits of having a Wedding in the Bush

Why a bush wedding? Some people would say no to a bush wedding, because of the fear of getting dirty, the possibility of ruining the wedding dress, or suit and just the overall novelty of a bush wedding; but it is actually beneficial and super to have a wedding in and around the splendor of Mother Nature and here is why…

1. Sophistication and Elegance in the Bush

If you always loved nature, but still want elegance and sophistication, then you have chosen wisely.

Wedding Bouquet

One of the benefits of having a bush wedding at Mabalingwe is the tranquility and bliss you will experience during your perfect day. The matchless sounds and sights of the South African bushveld are sure to send the wedding jitters packing.

2. Comfortable Wedding Attire

A bushveld wedding means the bride can wear a dress that is shorter, less formal and more comfortable, and still look breath-taking. The same goes for the groom. There is just less demand for formal wedding wear and the massive expense that goes hand-in-hand with a more conventional dress and full-on fitted tux.  The bridal couple also have a lot of freedom to have fun! For example, a lovely wedding dress with cowboy boots – to compliment the bush environment – would look stunning in the wedding photos.

Short Wedding Dress


3. An Intimate Wedding But With Enough Space

Bushveld weddings tend to be more intimate with close friends and family. With Mabalingwe’s Le Fera Restaurant and Kalahari Oasis, you get the best of both worlds – the intimate feeling of these unique bushveld venues, but enough space for the whole wedding party and the guests; and with the venue including standard tables, chairs, cutlery and crockery – you can focus on what really matters – each other.

Wedding Pub

4. The Flowers Are Taken Care Of

The last thing the bridal couple needs is to stress over the finer details on the happiest day of their lives. Mabalingwe is happy to oblige. For example, we can help arrange the perfect bouquet of flowers and hand deliver it straight to you on your special day.

Wedding Flowers Sorted

5. Matchless Wedding Photos

Another benefit of having your beautiful day in the bush is the stunning photos! Whether you are standing amongst the stunning indigenous trees and bushes, or have the beautiful African sunset glowing in the background, you know the pictures will be magical and matchless.

Wedding shot
Light Flair Photography

6. Unique Value Adds to Make Your Special Day – So Much More Special

Picture the tranquility of viewing game and going on a drive before you say your “I dos”. Another benefit to having a Mabalingwe bushveld wedding is the “Bridal Game Drive”. What a magnificent way to start your wedding day! You and your bridal party can enjoy a relaxing game drive to observe the beauty of the nature around you, before the festivities start.

Wedding Bush Drive

7. The “Natural” Surprises

And the best benefit of a bush wedding… you just never know what nature will surprise you with. It may be a giraffe sauntering into your pictures or a tree full of birds, paying their respects and “singing” their congratulations. Whatever it may be – ever changing nature will ensure that your day is one of a kind, unique and special.


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