Mbali Day Spa’s Sultry Shower Steamers

Summer is in full swing at Mabalingwe Nature Reserve and the hot African weather can sometimes leave you feeling drowsy and in need of a pick-me-up. While a hot bath might be great for just this reason in the winter, the warmer months tend to be isolated to short and sweet showers. So just like that – the Shower Steamer was created! These little pockets are packed full of your favourite aromas and when placed into the corner of the shower while you’re scrub-a-dubbing, can get you feeling uplifted and energised again. We’ve used Cinnamon and Orange Essential Oils to boost brain function for the hot day ahead while nourishing dry skin and creating a feeling of happiness! So here it is – our recipe for Mbali Day Spa’s Sultry Shower Steamers:


1 Cup Bicarbonate of Soda

1/4 Cup Tepid Water

5 Drops of Cinnamon and/or Orange Essential Oils

Shower Steamer Ingredients


  • You can really get creative with these little fizzies! Try using different moulds, or add a drop or two of a colourant to make them more playful.
  • Essential Oils come in a range of exciting scents and each has their own benefits. Trade these Essential Oils for Lavender Oil for a calming or relaxing version, or perhaps Peppermint Oil to clear your sinuses and to help you feel energised.


Place the bicarbonate of soda into a bowl and slowly start to dribble the water in, in small doses. Stir constantly until the mixture turns into more of a paste. Don’t panic if your mixture becomes too runny, simply add small amounts of bicarb to correct it.

Test the mix by squeezing some in your hand; the paste should have a semi-dry or damp texture.

Spoon the mix into a mould of your choice and pack it tightly, forcing any spaces or air pockets out. Your steamers should be as dense as possible. Leave to air dry thoroughly or bake at 100°C for approximately 30 minutes or until dry.

Finally, remove the Shower Steamers from the mould and store in an airtight container. Drip the Essential Oils onto a Steamer before placing it in the corner of your shower. You can now enjoy the lovely aroma of a dissolving steamer!

Orange Essential Oil


  • Try using a silicone mould, as the finished product can be crumbly
  • You can mix the Essential Oils into the product before drying, but we find they are the most potent when the Oils are applied just before use
  • Valentine’s Day is around the corner – why not whip up a batch of heart-shaped fizzies for a loved one?