Leaving your busy city life behind for a South African bush escape can need some serious preparation – what will you wear, will you need anything not easily accessible, do the kids have enough to keep them entertained? We’ve learned, the hard way, that you need to expect the unexpected and be prepared for anything. That’s why we thought we’d share our hacking the bushveld tips and tricks!

1) Bottle it up


Travel Size Bottles


Packing up the car sparks that excitement of going on holiday, but it can also be a frustration when your suitcase just. won’t. close! Toiletries generally take up the bulkiest amount of space and for this reason, we just love swapping out big bottles and oddly shaped shower gel packaging for small screw top squeeze bottles. You can decant your: shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and even body cream into them, pop a label on and save half the space while doing it!  Another great use for these is for a homemade concoction to protect you against the sun and to assist in deterring mozzie bites! Simply pour your preferred sunscreen, along with a few drops of essential herb oils (like mint and basil oils) into a bottle and stir or shake it up. Now, you’ll be able to quickly smear on that protective layer before taking on the bush.



2) Keep the Kids Entertained


Family RoadTrip


Keeping the kids satisfied on the drive to the Resort, or during your afternoon nap time at our Resort could be the difference between easy breezy travelling and nightmarish headaches. So to remedy this and make sure your trip is smooth sailing, use a backpack and fill it with a few activities such as: a colouring-in book and pencils, your little one’s favourite book or stuffed toy; and a small selection of yummy snacks. Hang the slip on the back of the front seat headrests so the kids will have access to the goodies inside. This will give them something to do when you need them to be distracted/pre-occupied for a few hours.



3) Fuel up Tiny Tummies


Ziplocked Snacks


Snacks for the kids, in general, are something handy and something you can plan to have on hand, for when those hunger pangs set in. Why not fill a little Ziploc bag with treats? Some peanuts and raisins, pretzels trail mix, fruit rolls, or similar not only gives them something else to do but will make sure their tiny tummies are happy.



4) “Oopsie, Mommy I messed”


wet wipes for hands


For all those sticky fingers and, “Oopsie, mommy I messed” moments, keep a packet of wet wipes on hand in the glove compartment for easy-breezy cleaning.




5) Game Viewing Galore

Game viewing vehicle


Have you ever been on a self-driven game drive where the family aimlessly wanders around the Nature Reserve, in search for elusive leopards or grazing elephants, only to wind up back at the Resort with the family all huffing and puffing and a photograph of a tree stump you thought was a buffalo? Same. For maximum exposure to the wildlife in the area, rather skip the frustrated family drive and opt for a guided game drive so the Rangers can track and locate the animals you really want to see – they’ll even impart their awesome knowledge with you. Don’t forget to pack a jersey or light jacket. It might be warm at the Lodge, but the open aired vehicle will make you wish you had thought of a warm top!



If you have any interesting tips or tricks for visiting the Mabalingwe bushveld, let us know: yourresortstory@oaks.co.za