The Ultimate Mabalingwe “Braaibroodjie” Recipe

Very little beats a tasty “braaibroodjie” at a family get-together. It is arguably one of the best sides to have at a braai. We thought we would share our Ultimate “Braaibroodjie” Recipe with you – this is a super-mega sandwich, if ever there was one!

What Do We Need?

One Loaf of Pre-Sliced Bread

Garlic Butter

Three Tomatoes

Spring Onion

100 g of Calamata Olives –Pitted

Salt and Pepper

Four Tbsps. Chutney

250 g Mozzarella – Sliced/Grated

Let’s Get Going!

  • On the “outside” of each slice of bread, spread the garlic butter. Flip it over and on all the “insides” spread a thin layer of chutney. Take half of the bread slices and set them apart for the tops of your sandwich.
  • Cut the tomatoes up into slices. Then place two pieces (or more) of the tomato on the bottom slice; add chopped spring onions, salt and pepper to taste; top this with some of the pitted olives and finish off with mozzarella slices (repeat with all bottoms).
  • Put the top slices of bread on as “lids”– to build the sandwich. Make sure that the chutney is face down – on top of the layered ingredients.
  • The sandwiches are ready to go on a hand grid and braai over hot coals, until the bread is toasty and the cheese melted.


*Recipe adapted from