We’ve all heard of the term “digital detox” at some point or another, but why should you be doing it? What effect could it possibly have on you and your family to kick the tech while vacationing at Mabalingwe? And, how can you effectively implement a digital detox with your internet-hungry kids?

Benefits to ditching the tech:

How often do you find yourself staring at your cell phone or hitting refresh on your emails, waiting for a reply? Or jump at the sound of a notification? Removing technology from your space, for even a few days, helps you relax and regain some peace of mind.

Without the distraction of screen lighting filling up your vision field, you can begin to think; ponder and possibly even solve a thing or two. Breaking away from tech gives your mind the space to breathe.

Family enjoying time together

Ditching devices not only allows your mind to wander, but you may even find your inner social butterfly coming to life as you connect and communicate with the people in your environment. When you disconnect from your devices you can really connect with your loved ones on a meaningful level. Engage and get in touch which you have probably not done for a while by chatting, catching up with one another and doing fun activities together. This makes for some wonderful family time that would otherwise be spent in silence with a few nose exhales (#lol) and quick typing.

Stepping back from the crazy rat-race we’ve all become a part of (most of us, somewhat reluctantly) allows you to rejuvenate and recharge your body’s batteries, instead of your tablets, for a change. So when you do return to the hustle, you’re more focused and clear on your goals making you more likely to be productive in the workplace.

Family crafting together
What to do to get your family phone-free:

Now that you know why digital detoxing is so great, you can begin planning your next family vacation semi-/ or completely tech-free!

  • Data is not king. In this case, you don’t want your mobile data alerting the kids or giving your partner an excuse to check emails, notifications and the like. If you need your phones or tablets with you, then turn the data off! This way your family can’t be lured to constantly check what’s going on back home and you’ll soon see them begin to disconnect willingly by partaking in all the fun activities at the Resort!
  • Time and place for everything. We get it; sometimes you cannot completely switch off and ignore the major deadline for work, or not check in with a family member from time to time. Give the family a set amount of time each day where they may check their devices and get those emails sent. Make sure that all the tablets, phones or laptops are in one area and that they may only be used there during that period.
  • Enough with the excuses. You don’t need a tablet or laptop to check the surrounding area for activities, or restaurants to visit – head down to Reception and chat with someone! There is also no reason to keep your work phone on you; simply make a list of the most important numbers or emergency contacts and elect to use one phone for phone calls and SMSes when necessary.
  • Tame the tykes. In the year 2018, it is all too easy to calm a child’s temper or keep them distracted while you’re busy, by putting them in front of their favourite TV show or handing them a device with a fun game on it. But you’re on holiday! Now is exactly the time to find ways to entertain and enjoy time with the kids. Pack a few board games to play during downtime, or try a family-friendly mini-golf competition.

Little boy playing mini-golf

Now that a digital detox is on the menu, your family can really begin to enjoy their time together and you might even find yourself exploring an aspect of Mabalingwe you’ve never had the opportunity to before.