What your Mabalingwe family has been up to this lockdown period

What your Mabalingwe family has been up to this lockdown period

Can you believe it? What started as a 21-day national lockdown turned into more than 80 days, and we are still counting. This period has served us with many challenges, however, we have decided to look for the positive as we all work together for a safer and healthier world.

This period has allowed us to pause for a little while and appreciate our extraordinary Resort. We miss having families and their loved ones fill our space with lively laughter and joy. But that doesn’t mean we are waiting idle – our small onsite team has been hard at work with projects to spruce up the Resort with upgrades that will make for an even better return for our guests. The animals have also used this time to enjoy the natural surrounds to the fullest. All in all, we, your Mabalingwe family, the wildlife included, have taken this period in stride as we eagerly prepare for your return.

We would like to let you in and share with you how we have been holding up during the lockdown period.

The upgrades we have been busy with 

We have repainted the bathrooms at the recreational area with vibrant patterns and colours. The Plaaswinkel has also been given a facelift. It has been fully repainted and re-decorated, giving it a whole new look.


We haven’t forgotten about the general maintenance

We have been busy with the maintenance of all 105 of our units all in preparation for your return! All of the laundry items have been washed and steamed to avoid them getting dusty and germ-ridden. The team has been busy clearing the bushes and maintaining the fields as well as the gardens in between the units. We are keeping the pools crystal clean and ensuring that they remain in tip-top shape, ready for the perfect splash!


The stillness has brought a deeper appreciation of nature and wildlife

We have missed having guests with us, the vivacious energy they bring to the Resort is infectious. However, this time has given us an amazing opportunity to spend more time appreciating our surrounds and the majestic animals that also call Mabalingwe Nature Reserve their home. We have had the privilege to see and appreciate the incredible views of nature and animal sightings which have been the highlight of our days in this time. Here are some amazing sightings that we have been able to capture:

The views of the sun rising are still priceless

The views of the sun rising are still as captivating as ever.

SPOTTED! A tower of giraffe’s striking a pose

Spotted! A tower of giraffe’s sticking a pose.

The majestic Nyala bull, with his ethereal features

The majestic Nyala bull, with his ethereal features.

A herd of Zebra’s – their striking stripes are a wonder to look at

A herd of Zebra’s – their striking stripes are a wonder to look at.

Thank you for your continued support and patience during this time. We are preparing for the day we can welcome you and your loved ones back with open arms for a wonderful holiday in the Waterberg. Until then, stay safe and keep healthy.

For more information and the latest COVID-19 updates, please visit www.mabalingwe.co.za/index.php/covid/.